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Welcome to Real World Technologies, where innovation and reliability converge in security solutions. As industry leaders, we offer cutting-edge security cameras and access control systems. With a commitment to punctuality and tangible results, we prioritize your satisfaction. Our future-proof approach anticipates emerging trends, while our FBI background-checked staff upholds high security and moral standards. Trust in our industry leadership and experience, as we lead you into a secure future.


Integrated Security Solutions

Real World Technologies understands that keeping your people, premises and products safe is of prime importance to you.  We offer a comprehensive array of commercial security services including Access Control, Alarm, Surveillance and Fire Detection.  Our training and expertise with all major brands of equipment in these areas means we can maintain, update and repair your existing systems efficiently and correctly the first time.  Our knowledge and experience also allows us to design and build a fully integrated security solution which minimizes conflicts between subsystems, maximizes performance and simplifies your security management duties.

Structured Cabling

and Data Networking

In the past information and communication networks within a business tended to be built in a piecemeal fashion with separate stand-alone systems for video, voice and data transmission.  However, the rapid expansion of digital data services has created the need for greater efficiency and simplicity of operation.  This has dictated the integration of these separate networks into a comprehensive system that can handle a multitude of services over a wide variety of transmission media.  This integration and the way in which it is physically implemented is known as structured cabling.

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Welcome to Real World Technologies, your gateway to unparalleled access control and security solutions!
Step into the world of cutting-edge technology where excellence meets innovation. I am Adam Santas, your dedicated representative, and it is my pleasure to showcase our remarkable range of services. Specializing in access control, security systems, data networks, and voice systems, we are your one-stop destination for all your business needs. Founded in 2022 and located in Janesville, Wisconsin, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.

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